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Healthy Dentistry
Guardian Dental Care staff recognize that teeth and associated oral structures are an integral part of the whole body. Because of this important interrelationship, we offer a wide range of healthy treatment options. As a result, Dr. Knudsen and Dr. Soffer take a Whole Body approach to oral health care; combining sound dental science, modern technology, and years of experience with a deep concern for patients' physical and emotional well-being and comfort.


Whole Body Dental Philosophy

At both Guardian Dental Care offices, we focus on the Whole Body philosophy. This philosophy stresses the use
of bio-compatible dental materials, recognizing that each patient and their body is as unique as the various dental materials. Our staff takes time to listen to, and understand, each person's unique health concerns. 


We also work closely with patients' health care professionals and do our best to assist our patients in their journey to achieve optimal oral and overall health. Our health-focused, patient-first approach to dentistry means that we treat the teeth, jaw, and related oral structures, with specific regard to how that treatment will affect the entire body.

Healthy Employees

At Guardian Dental Care, we recognize the importance of our staff and their health. We do our best to ensure
the air we breathe at our offices is clean, that we are removing or minimizing exposure to unhealthy substances, and that we take time away from the office to enjoy life, spend time with loved ones and have fun. We focus on working together as a team, learning about and respecting each of our unique backgrounds and enjoying our time together.

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