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Welcome to Guardian Dental Care!

Market Mall (2325 Preston Avenue South), Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 


Guardian Dental Care is located between Market Mall Family Chiropractic and FabricLand.  If you park in the underground parking lot you'll find us at the top of the stairs.  Market Mall has lots of free parking including the sought after underground parking in winter, food court, other health care services (Life Labs, chiropractors, denturists, eye care), and convenient shopping.  We have state-of-the-art technology including sterilization, digital intra oral x-rays and 3-D CBCT x-rays, computerized charts, digital impressions and TV’s for patient education.  Market Mall is a city bus stop and is wheelchair accessible.


Dental Exams


Dental exams are check-ups where we look at your oral soft tissue and teeth.  The most common...learn more

Dental Implants


Dental implants are artificial roots.  These artificial roots are the foundation to which a variety of other...learn more

Dental Hygiene


Dental hygiene is also referred to as "dental cleaning".  This procedure reduces gingival inflammation...learn more

Full & Partial Dentures


Full and partial dentures are replacement teeth that can be removed.  ...learn more

Dental Fillings


Dental fillings are a procedure to restore the function and/or aesthetics of a tooth that was ...learn more



Extractions are the removal of teeth from their socket in the jawbone.  Teeth may need to be removed...learn more



Crowns are also referred to as "caps", and they are coverings for teeth.  If your tooth is not too...learn more

Cosmetic Dentistry


We feel your natural teeth are strongest and healthiest.  Any alteration of the teeth is irreversible...learn more

Fixed Dental Bridges


Fixed dental bridges are a permanent solution to missing teeth.  A bridge uses a tooth or teeth behind...learn more

Invisible Braces


For our orthodontic procedures, we utilize Invisalign® invisible aligners.  Invisalign® aligners use...learn more

Oral Appliances


We offer a full line of oral appliances that is not limited to sports mouthguards.  We also offer...learn more

Dental Emergency


Dental emergencies can happen at any time.  We will do our best to ensure you are seen by a dentist as...learn more

Our Services


Dr. Clint Knudsen

General Dentistry

Dr. David Soffer

General Dentistry

Dr. Knudsen grew up in Wisconsin and studied mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. 
He worked for a telecommunication manufacturing company as a design engineer for 8 yrs before moving to Saskatoon. 
In 2009 he graduated from the College of Dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan. He has been a clinical instructor at the Dental College for 9 yrs. Since 2014 Dr. Knudsen and
his wife have been learning about the importance of proper food to maintain health. Dr. Knudsen believes that whatever goes in the mouth may have an impact on overall health. 
He strives to work with each patient to provide the most appropriate treatment using the best materials possible.
Dr. Knudsen has a wonderful wife and two active boys.

Our Dentists

Dr. David Soffer grew up in North Battleford, SK and studied Biochemistry at the University of Saskatchewan. After a few years of working in research he started his dental studies at the University of Saskatchewan and graduated in 1996.  Dr. Soffer then owned and operated practices in the interior of British Columbia - Lillooet and Pemberton - for almost 20 years before moving back to Saskatoon with his wife and 2 children.  He is happy to be back in Saskatchewan and enjoying practicing dentistry with a variety of clinicians.  He is an experienced clinician who  started working at Guardian Dental Care in November of 2019. He looks forward to working with his current and new patients to meet their dental needs.


Market Mall

​Unit 154, 2325 Preston Avenue South

Saskatoon, SK

S7J 2G1

Tel: 306-374-3266 | Fax: 877-725-6012


Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday  8am – 4:30PM

Thursday 8am - 6pm

Saturday's by appointment only


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